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> Leaders, Innovations & Culture, For those who really want detail.
 Posted: Oct 10 2011, 07:55 AM
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This is a thread for writing character bios, technology descriptions, and the culture of your country.

The island of Innovation, the natives call it; a fitting name for this small, barely noticeable landmass. On a small island in the middle of the Sea of Disappointment, there is a culture of "science" where you are not only free, but expected to create, improve, and fabricate wonders of technology. There are no rules, restrictions, or laws to stop you from pursuing your wildest dreams! Only the cold reality of life and the busy Faction of Amazing will halt your progress.
The year is 450 and the Union of Minds is creating new wonders of this world! With the recent invention of steam power, there is no stopping these go-getters! Steam is not only being applied to technology, but fashion as well! The narrow streets of New Foundling are filled with new styles! Aprons, quilted clothes, and blast goggles are being worn with the always great styles of Old Foundling, monocles, top hats, and greatcoats! Truly an example of technology changing a culture!
-More to come later-

Accept the Flower of peace, and see the beauty of the land

Dam devil Machines and their devil tongue of science-Inilith

 Posted: Oct 10 2011, 06:32 PM
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--{Skarog Jarldom}--
-{Age 250}-
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The Rhodite Empire is on its last legs. Uncouth raiders to the east reclaim much of their territory. A prominent Skarog warlord, inspired by tales of Rhodite loss to the east, claims the title of Konge and liberates much of the countryside. Allied Skarogs flock to his banner, the crow on the green field, and he names the most competent of his allies jarls. Under his leadership, they take most of their ancestral home back. The Skarog Jarldom is born anew, and immediately takes control of the sea.
The Palska are content as they are. They keep to themselves for now.
-{Age 260}-
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The Konge is felled by a Rhodite assassin's blade, and while he is fleeing the guard, a group of civilians, having heard the news, capture him. A month later, the starved and not entirely intact man is returned, alive but insane, to the Rhodite capital. The Palska and the Rhodite kings agree that the Jarldom needs to be stopped, and so they both declare war during the power vacuum. The Jarls, having been infighting up to now, agree on the new konge and unite against the foreign threat. The Skarog soldiers, hardened by years of war, easily take to the new battlefields. The Rhodite-Palska alliance is decimated in most battles. The barbarians to the east continue their war of reclamation.
-{Age 380}-
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The Rhodite Empire mounts a desperate defense, bringing the war to a slow and brutal crawl. The war effectively ends with the sacking and subsequent occupation of Loda, the Rhodite capital. The Palska, try as they might, are unable to achieve as much success as their allies, though the Skarog army is still tied up in the Empire. The barbarians continue to eat up territory. Caern is named capital of the declining Empire.
-{Age 400}-
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The war with the Palska and the Rhodites drags to a close. The barbarians to the east and the Skarogs to the west continue to have minor skirmishes, but otherwise, the konge institutes isolationism, effectively ending the rule the Skarogs had over the ocean.
-{Age 405}-
Future konge Ragnar is born in Fleshuary.
-{Age 450-Present}-

So, uh. 'Lo. I'm BCN, so you know, if that name means anything to you.
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