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Greatest_Dude -- not if they don't post
Ryker Stormblade -- Korianna SHALL RULE
Greatest_Dude -- as long as i get my turns
Ryker Stormblade -- Btw we did like 5 turns without you
Greatest_Dude -- well your words are too red

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    Tetris High Scores
Description: Let's play some Tetris, motherfucker.
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with a score of 23123
# Username Score Comment Time
1 Cecille 23123 My Tetris dominance is safely established 11:12am Nov 16th
2 Some Git 13238 Bluh bluh, huge score. 8:36pm Oct 29th
3 ZombieKillah 10403 3:52am Sep 21st
4 Zappa 3928 I forgot just how much I suck 11:32pm Sep 29th
5 Sithlordz 1528 6:14pm Sep 24th
6 Ryx 1443 1:21am Sep 10th

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