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> MYND, Yet another story from me.
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 Posted: Nov 30 2007, 06:37 PM
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The computer blared out to the empty ship.
The computer cut out into static. The lights turned off, leaving only the eerie green glow of the capsule, which was being powered by a secondary generator. The room was small, with wires hanging from the ceiling, and a large mechanical sphere hanging from some of them, it had a double automatic door, which was broken, and already half open. An armored beast entered the room. He growled and spoke in his tribal, primitive language.
"Room clear."
A larger beast with more decorative armor entered the room, 2 more armored beasts entered.
"Ah.. The test subject. Test subject.."
The largest beast read some symbols on the tube quickly.
"Test subject 12, it must have been hard to finally get you right. Especially with what they tried doing to you."
The beast removed his glove, revealing the grey scaled hand underneath and stroked the tube.
"Without your DNA they can't make a 13th test subject and send us on another wild goose chase. We could keep you and train you for our cause.."
He drew back his hand and put the glove back on.
"But we already know they could tell this was going to happen, in the end one of the subjects would fall in our possession, I don't know what they did. But I don't want to find out."
The beast turned round.
"Take the capsule and dump it in space, anywhere, the universe is too big to measure, there's no way they could find it if we dump it in one of the unconquered planets."
"Yes chief."
The beasts moved to the capsule and lifted it, then took it out of the room.
"We already saw what happens when they make a new species, this one won't be born while I can help it."


Chapter One
Test Subject 12

"How is he?"
"He's holding, his heart rate is normal now."
"Good. Tell me when he wakes-"
"He moved!"
"Get him out of there, now!"

The test subject opened his eyes, he couldn't remember anything, he knew some things, but he couldn't remember learning them.. He just.. Knew.. Everything was blurry and green.. Bubbles floated past him, he looked down, he was in a black and grey suit with wires attached to various parts of his body. He felt the green liquid around him getting sucked away, he still couldn't see properly, but he could see further than the green now. He was in some sort of tube, he remembered another tube, but it was smaller than this one.. And had more green...
"Are you alright?"
He recognized that language. English, he looked to where the voice came from, he just saw a blur, he responded anyway.
"A bit.. Headache-y."
"Hold on, we just need to scan you for a second."
A red light shone down from the top of the tube onto him, when it disappeared.
"Alright, he's not one of them. Open the capsule."
He saw the glass tube open up in front of him, he tried to take a step forwards, but suddenly everything went even blurrier.
"He's going down..."
He couldn't breath.
"Come on!"
He felt a shock, he felt air rush into his lungs, and the blurriness faded.
"God damnit Rex, I told you already, the zapp is still in testing, don't use it!"
"And if I didn't?"
"Well, atleast he's alright.. Can you walk?"
The subject stepped out of the tube and looked around before responding. The room was very different to the tubes, the walls were gray and stained in most places, there was a huge pile of empty pizza boxes in the corner, there was a window on the roof with a spiral staircase leading up to it, there were 3 doors, 1 on one wall, one on another, clumsily labeled "Office", and one in the middle of the spiral stairs, but it didn't appear to lead anywhere, the door to nowhere was connected to some large generators and various other mechanical things, including a phone and a fire extinguisher. In front of him were a woman, wearing very old looking, very urban clothes, and a man, he was black, and very.. Big, for lack of a better word. The woman spoke first.
"Yeah, I'm fine... Where am I?"
"Welcome to the rebellion HQ, well, this rebellion HQ, there's small groups of people fighting back against the Forge all over this place."
"The forge?"
"You.. You don't know.. You don't know about the Forge?"
The man said this, the subject could tell from the voices he heard that this was Rex. He sighed.
"Man oh man do we have alot to tell you about."
"You must be suffering from amnesia, when we found you it was pretty obvious you had some troubles to deal with."
"How come?"
Rex stood up and laughed.
"Because you fell from the sky in a glowing green capsule! We're recycling it so we can build some better defenses, that capsule must have been made of something special, it made it into the atmosphere without burning up!"
The subject only knew some science, but he knew enough to know that big rocks burn up when they hit the atmosphere. The woman started talking again.
"Anyway, I'm Harpy-"
"That doesn't really sound like a real name."
"I know, but we have nicknames for each other, we don't even know each other's real names. That way if we get captured we can't tell them who we work with, because the Forge don't understand nicknames."
"What am I then?"
"I dunno, what's your history?"
He thought, he couldn't tell them the few things he did remember, because all he remembered were messed up dreams, white rooms, and that capsule.
"I can't remember anything at all."
"Of course, amnesia. Well, let's see what you can do."
Harpy turned round and began to walk to the door that wasn't labeled.
The subject suddenly got a headache.
Harpy stopped and looked round, Rex looked at him with a confused expression on his face.
"I feel..."
He felt something.. Something was here. Something that shouldn't be here. He felt it walk, walk towards..
"Harpy! Move!"
She didn't react, he jumped at whatever was moving and tackled it to the ground, he couldn't see it but he could feel it, with his hands and his mind. The form slowly melted into vision, it was human, wearing skin-tight blueish-gray armor with a black visor covering his face. He felt Harpy put her hand in her pocket, then he saw a hole appear in the assassins head, and blood pour out, he couldn't feel it with his mind anymore.
"How did you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Those things are invisible, the only way to catch them is to scan the place, how did you see it?"
"..I... I don't know.. I.. Felt it.."
Rex laughed.
"You got mind powers or something crazy like that?"
"I don't know, I just know that I can feel stuff."
Harpy looked at him with concern and confusion, but it soon faded.
"We have to test you, everyone does this test before we know what to do with you, and what to name you."
The subject didn't even nod, he knew his yes or no wouldn't have made a difference anyway.

The beast slammed into the wall.
"Where is Test Subject 12!?"
A thin creature wearing smooth metallic armor held his hand towards the beast, but the beast held himself up.
"I.. Don't.. Know.."
The thin creature moved his hand and the beast slammed into the wall on the other side, they were in a small corridor, the light above them shone a dark crimson.
"Where is he?"
"We dumped him on a planet.."
The beast almost laughed.
"The planet hasn't been named yet."
The thin creature slammed him against the wall a third time.
"Tell me WHERE.."
"In the milky way.."
"It's covered with a fleshy species.. They're at war right now.."
"They're called... Humans.."
The creature gasped, then thought for a second.
"Well.. Thank you."
The creature closed his hand and the beast choked for a while until he fell limp, the creature dropped his corpse on the ground and walked calmly away.

"War is pointless; in the end we're all just bags of meat that stop moving after a while."

"Reality is a restriction, true freedom is found in death."
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