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"Nothing is immortal or invincible, just hard to kill."
----Emperor Garmarean about the Great Largenan infestation.

"Your people are the scum of Terakura, now out of my sight before I decide to have a midnight snack."
---Emperor Atizen to the Hakure cheiftan when asked to surrender.

"Today you fight not for greed, for land, or for vengence, but for the defence of the land that your forefathers had declared theirs eons ago. Who will stand up agianst these barbarians who come to crush our sandy utopia for their own personal gain, who will stand up agianst these enemies of all things civil and great, for those of you who will fight in defiance of death and destruction you have your emperor's blessing! Burn brightly, HURAH!"
----Emperor Atizen to pilots and mechanized warriors shortly before a crushing victory at the battle of Balmoc.

"Today we acend to the starts, today we show the universe that the Teracurans are one of the great races of the galatic history books and as one of the few to defeat natural selection."
---Emperor Farsighted at the launch of the first Colony ship.
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