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    Space Invaders High Scores
Description: Kill the invading army of UFO's
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Top Scores
Space Invaders Champion!
with a score of 89860
# Username Score Comment Time
1 Sithlordz 89860 Yeah... I owned all of you. Die alien scum. 9:46am Sep 25th
2 Cecille 35140 YEAH! TAKE THAT BCN! I AM THE MASTER! 11:51pm Sep 8th
3 Ryx 26200 Aw goddamnit, oh well. I beat BCN anyway. 8:27am Sep 9th
4 Drakor 25140 Awww. only 3rd? Poo. Poo with... Poo on top. 9:45pm Sep 21st
5 Some Git 18390 Curses. 11:31pm Jan 14th
6 Ambassador Solid 17310 W00t!... Oh man Lang must have been really bored when he got that score. 5:48pm Sep 9th
7 TheLastBanana 10960 I died on purpse, lol. 1:20am Sep 23rd
8 Xemo 10610 1:12am Sep 14th

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